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What is Alba?

ALBA® is a complementary technological kinesthetic device for people with motor weakness in their upper extremities. This device seeks to maintain and improve the mobility of the body. Thanks to its grip mechanism and glove ALBA® allows us to deliver an autonomous rehabilitation with various exercises improving adherence to rehabilitation. Its technology allows the control and monitoring of rehabilitation treatment.


Who is it for?


Arm exercises will help you return to activities of daily living, such as dressing and cooking. While shoulder exercises will help prevent painful conditions e.g., frozen shoulder.

The elderly

Strength exercises are ideal to tone and generate muscle mass. They are also beneficial to improve coordination and increased strength.


In early stages, a daily exercise routine is beneficial to preserve muscle tone and range of motion of the joints, helping to counteract the progression of the disease.


Daily exercise helps to promote muscle activity and the proper functioning of joints, preventing circulatory disorders, pain, and long-term deformities caused by lack of mobility.

Post surgery breast cancer

Post-surgery exercises help to restore motion and prevent weakness of arms and shoulders. In addition, they reduce the risk of arm swelling.

Fractures and dislocations

In order to prevent new injuries, it is necessary to reeducate joint sensitivity by performing regular exercise.
Advantages of ALBA® therapy

Simultaneous therapy of both hemispheres ALBA®’s grip mechanism allows simultaneous training of both hemispheres in a large working space.

Assisted exercises
Different exercise trails to train strength and range of motion. Virtual assistant explains exercises and provided feedback by the end of the session.


Objective evaluations
Accurate record is kept of the exercises performed by patients during their therapy sessions

Ergonomic device
The ergonomic grip mechanism and the adjustable  glove, counterbalances the weight of the patient’s arm, helping to support the weak hand.

Continuous follow-up
Every patient’s therapy session is registered obtain a constant monitoring of their performed and unperformed sessions.

Increased efficiency

ALBA® enables therapists to offer increased training efficiency thanks to self-directed therapy.

Characteristics ALBA®

Sistema de tecnología, el cual mostrará mediante una pantalla las repeticiones y el tiempo en el cual realiza los ejercicios. 1 of 6
Intercambiabilidad de placas

Sistema de fácil uso que permite la intercambiabilidad de placas. 2 of 6

Placas con diferentes tipos de movimientos, curvos, lineales y diagonales. Los cuales van cambiando dependiendo del avance del usuario. 3 of 6

Grados de inclinación
Se pueden realizar los ejercicios con diferentes ángulos de inclinación (0°, 25°, 45°, 75° y 90°) lo cual le da mayor dificultad.

4 of 6
Restricción del movimiento

Sistema que permite que no se realicen movimientos involuntarios y puedan sufrir otras lesiones adicionales. 5 of 6
Sistema de agarre

Sistema de agarre para las manos y realizar los ejercicios de tren superior. Gracias al guante el hemisferio dañado puede realizar el ejercicio de manera autónoma. 6 of 6

Mode of use ALBA®

ALBAmov device
Albamov is made of different materials that do not harm the user during use. Designed for the rehabilitation of the user’s upper extremities.

Guante ergonómico
The glove provides the gripping function of the damaged limb. Made of washable materials that do not cause skin wounds.


Web platform designed for specialists treating rehabilitation with the ALBAmov device, where they will be able to visualize each of their patients and observe the progress of their rehabilitation.

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